Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nguyen Le - Tiger's Tail Quartet

Nguyen Le
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A very interesting group, Nguyen Le's Tiger's Tail Quartet performed at Fresno City College last week, with Paul McCandless, Art Lande and Patrice Heral. I can't really say I've heard anything like it before. McCandless really makes this group in the textures he provides with his various instruments aren't normally heard paired with the electronics Le employs. Rarely do you hear a jazz group that uses both English Horn, pennywhistle, as well as multiple effects boxes and a Powerbook G4. Their Tiger's Tail on ACT is good, but a music like this really is best appreciated in person. This guy is an innovator, and though he was on the cover of Jazziz a few months ago, seems to be an unknown to most US jazz listeners. It's challenging music, but I think you'll be hearing a lot more buzz about him in the US after this tour.


Blogger Tony said...

Hope your tour of the USA went well! I'm from Scotland in a quartet and ceilidh band - play the penny whistle as well as the violin. Hopefully, touring in the USA in 2008. Take care! Tony

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