Sunday, May 15, 2005

Coltrane connection continues to illuminate Tyner's career

From the Boston Globe:

McCoy on Ravi Coltrane:
''I look at him and say, 'Oh, my God, he looks like his father,' " Tyner says by phone from his New York City home. ''It's kind of scary. Not only the shape of his face, but his facial expressions are a lot like Coltrane's, like John's. It's amazing."
McCoy Tyner on A Love Supreme:
Then there was ''A Love Supreme," for many the apotheosis of the Coltrane quartet's art. Tyner says the album's deep spirituality came about because the group was so close-knit, not from any overt talk of religion or politics from the leader.
''I mean, from my perspective," Tyner says, ''it was about music. We had people writing books about revolution and music. Nah. They thought they were authorities on that music. They weren't. And I think they missed the motivation. It was spiritual -- John's father was a minister, his mother played piano in church, so he was surrounded by that."
McCoy on today's sidemen:
''Nowadays, we're in a 'I want my own band' period," Tyner says. ''If you've got some good ideas, you say, 'Well, I want my own band.' I grew up at a time where I was happy and honored to stay with John [Coltrane], because there was always something to learn. But nowadays, a lot of guys think they know it all. 'Well, what do you have to teach me, buddy?' It's very funny, because I never had that attitude. I always kept my mind open."

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