Monday, May 09, 2005

Keith Jarrett - Radiance

Keith Jarrett's music has always had the dual streaks of being challenging, yet accessible. Now at the age 60, Keith returns to the live, improvised solo piano format, (his last such record was from 1997) with his new double cd set "Radiance" and both sides of Jarrett are on display from the start. Recorded live in Japan in 2002, Jarrett jumps in head first into some very thorny, "difficult" music, challenging the listener to sit up and pay attention. This is not quiet dinner music, though it does get more "listener friendly". Throughout the 2 discs, almost all the sides of Jarrett the artist are featured: there's Jarrett the classically trained pianist, there's Jarrett the lover of gospel infused jazz, there's Jarrett the brooding romantic, and even a little of Jarrett the beboper. Known for his sometimes surly behavior at concert halls where the piano (or audience) is not quite up to snuff, Jarrett commands the respect and attention of the listener. And if the listener complies, there are great rewards in store.


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I'm Looking forward to hear this CD.


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