Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Beyond the jazz barrier

This comes from a newspaper from Australia, The Age, and has some interesting quotes from Wayne. Also of note, his quartet in Australia consists of Brian Blade, John Patitucci, and JASON MORAN, which sounds like a very interesting addition to the group.


Legendary sax player Wayne Shorter is in town to share his views on eternity through jazz. Get into this zone if you can.
By Michael Dwyer

It's the 1960s, and jazz, like everything else in America, is about as free as it's going to get. Miles Davis' legendary second quintet is taking a less liberal route than some, but conversation with his star composer and sax player Wayne Shorter is anything but pedestrian."

Miles turns around to me this one time," recalls the 71-year-old New Jersey jazz giant, "and he says, 'Wayne, do you ever get tired of playing music that sounds like music?'. Then before I answer, he says 'I know what you mean'. We were on the same page. We were comrades."

It's a challenge staying on the same page as Shorter. It's not like he's trying to flip you off. He just seems to leap whole chapters at a time, endlessly cross-referencing from The Da Vinci Code to baseball, from Bill Clinton to English literature, from Stephen Hawking to Emmanuel Kant, and from music to anything but."

Wayne was always out there on his own plane, orbiting his own planet," Davis once wrote, and he seems unlikely to dock before his Umbria Jazz Melbourne 05 shows this weekend.
Miles would say, 'You see how Humphrey Bogart walked in that movie? How John Wayne threw that punch? You see how Marlon Brando played with Eva Marie Saint's glove in On the Waterfront?' Miles would say to the young student, 'Play that'."

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