Tuesday, July 05, 2005

John Stubblefield 1945-2005

Received via email from Jim Eigo:

5 July 2005

At five minutes before seven on the evening of the forth July 2005, after enduring great suffering with remarkable strength and courage, our beloved John Stubblefield left us on a soft note held gently at the end of a bitter sweet ballad.
Surrounded with love by sweetheart Katherine Gogel, sister Joyce Pattillo, cousins Harry Stubblefield and Stephanie Barber, and by friends Rolando BriceƱo and Yvonne, John quietly passed away into paradise, where he will compose brilliant works and perform music to fill the universe with love, hope and joy. We will continue to be inspired by John's generosity of spirit, his for ever glowing soul, and the vision of John's smiling face, which always lights up the lives of everyone he encountered.
Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts about how John touched your lives.
May peace be with us all.
Katherine, Joyce, Harry and Stephanie

p.s. : Please pass this message on.


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