Friday, June 24, 2005

Dianne Reeves - Mercedes Ambassador?

File this one in the recently growing file of jazz meets the auto world, or in this case a new Mercedes minivan, the upcoming R-class. But of course, Mercedes doesn't want you to think of this as a "minivan" - it's a "grand sports tourer" according to them. And as part of their marketing plan, they have hired Dianne Reeves to be one of three celebrity "ambassadors" for the R-class. She also stars in this really odd "documentary" on the Mercedes website called "Comfort". The film consists of studio and interview footage with Dianne and her band, talking about their music, interspersed with footage of several German engineers (including Christoph Dahm) talking about the climate control system on the new R-class (which apparently is so powerful, it has enough BTUs to heat three average homes in the winter), the seats, etc. I'm not sure what the R-class has to do with Dianne Reeves or vice versa, I guess it's just a clever marketing gimmick. But can you imagine, say, John Coltrane selling Land Rovers?
Link to the MB USA R-Class site...


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