Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tim Ries - The Rolling Stones Project Interview

Saxophonist Tim Ries is getting a lot of attention these days, being on tour with the Rolling Stones and his new Rolling Stones Project cd. I had a chance to talk with Tim last week, and wanted to post the audio from that interview for all to hear. But before I do that, a couple of quick comments on Tim and his new record. First, it's got the biggest cross section of musicians you'll likely find on any jazz record. I never thought I'd see Bill Charlap, Luciana Souza and Keith Richards on the same cd, but Tim pulls it off and does a fine job. He stays pretty faithful to the songs, though it's not a pop record by any stretch of the imagination. My one gripe might be that Tim didn't get enough of the solo spotlight, though there's plenty of that, it really is all about the tunes and the band, for the most part. Norah Jones makes a lovely cameo on Wild Horses, and Luciana Souza steps in to give the Brazilian tinged version of Street Fighting Man even more of an authentic feel. I'll let the interview tell the rest of the story.
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