Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jazz and the Blogosphere - A Jam Session

In an era where everyone seems to have a blog, I was a little surprised recently at the lack of genuine jazz content out there. Jazz, after all, has all the elements of a good Greek tragedy, (well, almost, but Euripides never heard Coltrane), so there's no lack of potential content. Just ask any jazz fan (or better yet, musician) what they think about Wynton Marsalis, and you'll see what I mean. So I'll be addressing a multitude of different jazz related issues here, from trends and discussion of what's hot and what's not, to concert reviews, and of course, commentary about the latest recordings. We might also give you some insights into the world of jazz radio, and non-commercial radio in general. You could say, we'll "improvise" though I'm not sure at this point what set of changes we're going to be using! So stick around, and as Art Blakey said on one of those great live Blue Note lps (I think at the Cafe Bohemia), "take your shoes off, we're going to have ball."


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